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Rogelio 08

Hello my name is Rogelio Hernandez I’m 23 years old And I earned my Insanity shirt.  Before insanity I was out of shape, lazy, careless of my body and eat pretty much anything. What motivated me to workout and get back in shape is when my wife said “I do” on the day we got married. My main goal was to lose weight, I wanted something that would give me fast results and well Insanity was the best way to go. The first day of insanity was real tough and I wanted to throw up and that was just the fit test. As time went on and each day passes by was a challenge and each day I was a step closer on reaching my goal. In 60 days I had lost 20 lbs I was really impressed of my results so I did another round of insanity.  In round 2 I lost another 3 lbs use to be a 36″ and now 30″ (pant size) and also as you can see my results I got ripped. I love my results, I loved the challenge and most importantly I feel 10x way better with a healthy body than I was before started working out. I completed the insanity challenge. I was committed. Are you ready to commit?

Joanna Side By Side Pic 3



Insanity Challenge


Angel Morris 3

Joe New Before & After 3


Laci before after 2



Before After Pics 3




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  1. February 7, 2013 at 3:51 am #

    Wow! So many great and inspiring stories! You are truly changing lives!

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